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Xerox iGEN4 Digital Production Press

Xerox iGEN4 Digital Production Press

Digital short-run printing comes close to the way that people actually communicate. It is timely, personal, and effective. iGen4 makes color short runs the economically viable alternative that you have been waiting for to propel everything you print into fast forward.

Quality - iGen4 prints a benchmark gamut of CMYK process colors with excellent color rendering and with extremely accurate registration.

Speed - At up to 6,600 letter-size/A4 impressions per hour, and with no additional time needed for make-ready, drying, or manual collation, you can deliver the rapid turnaround that your customers are demanding.

iGen4 SmartPress TechnologyTM adjusts ink and imaging for each sheet that passes through the Press. You can do what was previously unthinkable, mix stocks in a single press run without a drop in productivity, even if each page has different graphics, text, or pictures. You can offer the affordable, creative solutions you couldn't have imagined before now.

iGen4 connects directly to your networks and the Internet, enabling a streamlined workflow, from remote job submission to proofing to printing on demand.

Speed: up to 110ppm for 4/0 letter size, 25ppm for 4/4 tabloid
Minimum Sheet Size: 7" x 7"
Maximum Sheet Size: 14.33" x 26"
Paper Weight (uncoated): 16 lb. bond to 130 lb. cover
Paper Weight (coated): 60 lb. text to 130 lb. cover